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The wall-mounted RUBICON LCR is simply born to stand out in both sound performance and design with the hybrid tweeter module and the wood fibre low-loss driver. The compact RUBICON LCR delivers a wide dynamic range, a coherent sound with lots of details all together with a bass response that’s unrivalled in its class. The rotatable hybrid tweeter module makes it possible to use the RUBICON LCR as either the left or right channel, or as a centre speaker. The 6½ inch woofer uses the ingeniously designed bass port to reach maximum bass depth. With the RUBICON LCR, we promise you a sound performance that will dazzle you and leave you with goosebumps.


Product series: RUBICON
Frequency Range: (+/-3 dB): 59 - 34.000Hz
Sensitivity: (2,83 V/1 m): 89.0dB
Nominal Impedance: 4ohms
Maximum SPL: 109dB
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 - 150W
Crossover Frequency: 3,100 / 14,000Hz
Crossover Principle: 2 + ½-way
Hybrid tweeter module, Super high freq. driver, Quantity: 1 x 17 x 45 mm
Hybrid tweeter module, Super high freq. driver, Diaphragm type: Ribbon
Hybrid tweeter module, High-frequency driver, Quantity: 1 x 29 mm
Hybrid tweeter module, High-frequency driver Diaphragm type: Soft Textile Dome
Low-frequency driver, Quantity: 1 x 6½"
Low-frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure type: Bass Reflex
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency: 49Hz
Connection Input: Single Wire
Magnetic Shielding: No
Recommended Placement: Centre / Soundbar On-Wall
Recommended Distance From Wall: 0 - 300mm
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD): 468 x 278 x 146mm
Accessories Included: Manual, Micro Fibre Cloth, Rubber Bumpers
Weight:  8.0kg